Before betting on any AFL match in the 2016 season check out our  AFL live odds comparison. Updated weekly to include all AFL matches, markets and bookmakers, take advantage with all the latest promotions, live AFL odds and Free Bets Australian bookmakers have to offer in the 2016 AFL season.

Anyone who is regular at betting on AFL would consistently compare various companies for better deals and more security. While betting on Australian rules football, there are either Australian bookies that you would be dealing with or international bookies. Now, when we look at the odds or compare the differences between the two, Australian bookies have several advantages over international bookies.Here are just some of the reasons why betting on AFL with Australian bookies while in Australia is better.


In Australia, every bookmaker or bookie has to be licensed. Now, with international bookies there are very few ways to confirm if the company or the individual is licensed and practices legally as per the laws of that country. With Australian bookies, you can easily check the entire history of the company.


Since Australian bookies are based in the country, your bets, winning amounts and your personal details which would also include financial information are completely secured. They are not only governed by the data protection act and privacy laws but also have to abide by the consumer laws. Betting on sports may have various odds in favor of you or against you. You would certainly want the betting company to have everything, every term of theirs going in favor of you.

Customer Service

An Australian bookie is likely to offer you much better customer service than any international bookies. No matter how large an international betting company is companies such as Sporting Bet, Centre Bet or Sports Bet based in Australia would always offer better customer service and more personalized one at that.

Specials And Domestic Sports Betting

International bookies cater to a diverse demographic without any specific target market in mind. Naturally, there are hardly any specials. Most deals are too expensive and those who are starting out with betting on sports would have many odds in terms of the available deals, let aside the odds of winning. When you compare the available bets and the specials that Australian bookies offer with none to very few in the offing from international bookies, the former would offer you distinct advantages and choices.

Domestic sports and sporting events within Australia offers a huge domain of sports betting. Most international bookies do not cover every sporting event in Australia. With Australian bookies, whether you are new or a pro at betting on sports, you get a plethora of options to get started, anytime of the year.

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