Troubleshooting your Free AFL Stream

# IMPORTANT When streaming free afl please allow 30 seconds for stream to load DO NOT CLICK any of the ads they will disapear after 30 secs if they don't only click the small x to close #

1.    Install different media players on your computer so that you can change media players as needed.  Sometimes, a particular media player will have issues or difficulties with a stream that does not occur in another.  Consider uninstalling then reinstalling the flawed media player at another time to see if it fixes the problem.

2.    Shut down all unnecessary software programs running on your computer while you are attempting an AFL live stream.  Surprisingly, video accelerator programs can actually cause videos to stall.  Shut down every other program you have running on your computer so that your video stream can get all the broadband width and RAM speed it needs.

3.    Install a reliable anti-virus program as well as anti-malware software.  Viruses and other infections could cause your computer to operate at considerably lower speeds, resulting in streaming video stalls.  Make it a habit to run periodic computer scans to prevent this from occurring.

4.   If possible, try to stream AFL at a later time.  Websites generally shut down their servers during the day for maintenance activity or some other admin-related reason, which could be causing the video to stall.

5.    Cookies and temporary Internet files can accumulate on your computer and cause your internet connection to slow down.  If you are only just encountering video stalling problems that you didn’t have before on the same computer, then you may need to clear your cache. This will give you a better quality AFL stream.  The steps for deleting cookies and temporary files differ from one web browser to another; search for specific instructions that apply to the web browser you are using.

6. To broadcast or stream afl to your  I phone you need a browser that can overcome the I phones flash issues. To over come this get the skyfire app we have found that it resolves these problems. For android devices just stream normally and you should have no problems broadcasting live afl on your phone.

7.    If you have tried all of these tips and still find that your AFL live broadcast videos continue to stall, then it could be your internet connection itself that is at fault.  Try running a speed test to check your internet connection speed; if it is too slow, then you have found your culprit.  You may need to upgrade to a higher speed if you keep experiencing streaming video stalls.


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